2012. június 19., kedd

Exhibition and Massage / Kiállítés és Masszázs

Massage Jurt

We would like to show you our unique travelling nomad home, a special example
of old traditional knowledge. Here you can see a felt exhibition and also try
We are a couple. Both of us have an ancient profession involving some kind of
massage (human and craft). We find the yurt is a most ideal and beautiful place
for practising and sharing our knowledge.
A big part of the yurt is made from wool. Attila also uses wool for his hand-made crafts, massaging
and moulding the felt in a unique way. If you visit our yurt you can view an exhilbition of felt crafts.
Stepping further into the yurt, you can try an ancient, health-keeping massage technique. Emma's
job is to help find balance in the human body, diminishing pain through holistic touch, stroking and
Meeting with art, with each other, is successful if it can help us to take good steps in life. We aim to
follow our professions to the highest standard, helping people to bring out their best, in harmony
with themselves, or simply by taking a good step forwards.
We hope you find our project interesting, and that we can meet soon.

Oroszi Emma & Attila Balaskó

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