2013. március 12., kedd

Dögönyöző (Massage) Yurt

Putting up a yurt at a festival or a camp can be a really eye-catching, special event. Not only does our yurt create a nomadic home; because of its unique shape and natural partitions it also represents an ancient trade.

"Dögönyöző" is an old-fashioned Hungarian term for massage, interestingly also used to describe a felting process.

On entering the yurt, visitors are welcomed by a display of felt artefacts designed and made by Attila Balasko.

 Deeper inside the yurt, visitors arrive at a secluded Massage Corner. In this peaceful retreat, Emma Oroszi, applying her knowledge and experience of massage (in harmony with her intuition), works to synchronise the client's physical and mental well-being. Here you can benefit the experience of massage in a natural environment.
The package offered includes a day visit to the yurt with an on-going craft exhibition and craft demonstrations, as well as an opportunity to receive a massage during opening hours.

During the event the yurt also accommodates our family.

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